Saving Narragansett Bay

Saving Narragansett Bay: How People, Passion, and Perseverance Made All The Difference

In his latest book, science writer Todd McLeish tells the story of the history of the cleanup and restoration of Narragansett Bay, the iconic estuary in Rhode Island that was once a dumping ground for vast quantities of sewage and industrial pollutants. It captures the battles, the stories, and the personalities that have fought to protect and improve Rhode Island’s greatest natural resource over the past half century.

Written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Save the Bay, the environmental group that spearheaded the cleanup, the coffee table book features successful battles against ill-sited energy plants, malfunctioning wastewater treatment facilities, giant chemical companies and massive incinerator projects. It also recounts habitat restoration efforts, community education campaigns, and numerous other projects designed to draw attention to the bay’s health, including the annual Swim the Bay fundraiser.

The book also features more than 100 stunning photographs – both historic images and contemporary landscapes by noted Rhode Island photographers Onne van der Wal, Salvatore Mancini and Carmel Vitullo – all of which showcase the bay’s history, restoration and current state. Saving Narragansett Bay belongs in every Rhode Islander’s library.